Montreal Draft Tweetup Video — Get there early!

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Video by FlyersRule

You have been hearing that the Montreal Draft Tweetup is *the* destination for hockey fans this summer. You also know that it will be a weekend full of events and that you will have a chance to win fabulous prizes.

But why take our word for it? Here’s the perspective of a hockey fan who is actually making the ‘pilgrimage’ to Montreal.

FlyersRule is packed and ready to make the trek from the land of orange to be with her fellow hockey fans in the city of bleu, blanc et rouge. It promises to be a very memorable weekend.

All Habs has managed to secure FlyersRule as our official ‘foreign’ correspondent to give a unique glimpse into the event from the vantage point of a new visitor to Montreal. (Who says a Flyers fan and a Canadiens fan can’t collaborate?)

After watching the compelling video, if you are convinced that you too must attend the Montreal Draft Tweetup, be sure to RSVP here today!

If you aren’t able to join us, make a regular visit to All Habs to share a virtual experience with your friends in Montreal via updates from FlyersRule. If there is anything/anyone you wish FlyersRule to cover/interview in an update, leave her a comment below. Or, just let her know what you think of the video!

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