NHL Pleased to Officially Support the NHL Draft Tweetup in Montreal

To the good folks organizing the NHL Draft Tweetup in Montreal – @all_habs, @amandafortier, @kyleroussel, @metricjulie, et al – I am pleased to tell you that the National Hockey League is committed to officially supporting your wonderful effort at this “tentpole event” and we’ll do what we can to make a nice event even better.

As an initial gesture of the NHL’s support, I have sent to @all_habs some complimentary general admission tickets to the NHL Draft.

I also have shipped up some wristbands and a few goodies to be given out.

We intend to be as supportive as possible, and so I hope to assist even further as we get closer to the event.

Good luck! And thanks again for your support of the NHL! (or is it LNH?)

Mike DiLorenzo, @umassdilo

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