Fan Post: In the Playoffs Dentists Are Hockey Fans Too!

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The Dedicated Dentist by Dina Petropoulos


OUTREMONT, QC. — Well, what have I learnt during this playoff season?  I have learnt how dedicated playoff fans are.  Playoff fans?  What are playoff fans?  I quote the Dedicated Dentist:

Granted, I have never been a committed, die-hard fan, that is, at the Angelo Moshopoulos level.  For years, like many others,  I have been guilty of showing increased interest only during the playoffs.  I discovered the Habs in  grade eight (1973), the year I attended the 1973 Stanley Cup parade.  I  managed to get quite a few of the player autographs at the time–Steve Shutt, Frank and Peter Mahovlich and most of the team by practically throwing myself onto their (open) vehicles.  I remember one of the car tires running over my foot.  Unfortunately, the autograph book was lost when I moved out of the house in 1984!

Dr. Betty Giannias, the Dedicated Dentist.  Waiting on game number 3 and I find myself at my annual dental appointment.  At this point, the Habs are down two and it is paining me more than the dentist’s drill.  Regardless, however, I do prefer going to Dr. B., she’s more than tricolor, she’s multicolour and more importantly, she does not ask questions while she’s handling the dental stick that she uses to clean the tartar around the gum lines.

I arrive on time.  Mary puts on the paper towel around my neck.  I sit and down goes the seat.

First words out of her mouth (because you know there won’t be any coming out of mine as soon as she goes in with that little piece that makes funny noises and plugs away at my gum lines):

“So Dina, have you been following hockey?”

Mmmm?  Professional question.  Not “how are your teeth?”  Not “how have you been?”  Not “have you been flossing?”  …nothing of the sorts.  Why?  Because I am the Perfect Patient, I follow the game plan.

“Yes I have Betty.” And away she goes into my mouth, against the boards, the gum lines.

And as expected, I can’t speak, but the Dr. Betty starts to chatter.

“So Dina, my boys (she is referring to her husband and her sons) bought that Budweiser thing!  You know, the one that makes the noise.  The light goes off when the Habs score.  I think they may have paid about $100 for it.  It arrived in the mail.  When they opened it, they realized they had to add the battery but, but, they could not.  The allen key that came with it was not the right one!  So you know what they did Dina?”

How can she ask a question?  I can hardly speak!  We all know that.  We all know that we are too busy trying to NOT drown.  That’s what happens while during ANY dentist’s visit.  They ask the questions and they also answer them.

“I will tell you what happened Dina.  They just left it there!”.

PAUSE.  SUCTION.  Finally!  I was drowning.  But then again, I am peculiar.

Before I can utter two words, in she goes again and away she goes again.

“So Dina, knowing that the lab technician was coming to the office in a few days to repair the SUCTION, I packed up the thing and brought it to the office.”

I requested a SUCTION.  Granted!

I uttered:  “What?  Your brought the Budweiser thing into the office?”

“Yup.  And after the lab technician repaired the suction, I approached him with …  THE REQUEST.

There was no need to request SUCTION again.  It was too soon.  I let it be and thought:  She’s going into the zone now.

“So I said to him:  Can you please follow me into the back Mr. Technician?  I need you to look at something.”

At this moment I could visualize the lab technician’s face!  You have to know Dr. Betty to know what I am visualizing.  Pretty lady, strong Mom character, refined, extremely professional.  Follow her to the back?  When those Mom-like professional traits appear, you cannot say no to Dr. Betty.

“So, Dina, I pulled out the Budweiser thing and asked him if he had the appropriate allen key to be able to open the thingy and put the battery in!”  She was so proud.  I even got a FREE SUCTION out of it!

“Dina, he said he would oblige and headed out to his truck.  And he did!  He returned and guess what?

SUCTION request.
Oh!  I’m so happy the lab technician repaired the SUCTION.

“Don’t tell me Betty?”

“Yup Dina, he had the right allen key, we got it opened, inserted the battery, pressed the button and voila!  The noise and the light!  Now let’s just hope we can use it during the next game!”

Followed by SUCTION and a Dr. Betty giggle!

Assistant Mary comments:  “All this one month before your first born’s wedding Betty?”

All the time I am wondering:  I wonder if the mother of the groom will be wearing red, white and/or blue?  Blue!  She’s wearing blue.

Well, we all know what happened.  The Lightning won game #3 and Betty put the Budweiser thingy to use for game #4.  Battery was still strong for game  #5 and, well, the rest is history.

Wednesday, May 13th.
“Betty, are you packing that Budweiser thingy or are you leaving it hanging around?”
“You know the drill Dina.  All equipment has to be sterilized and put away.  Similar to the equipment of the Habs, no?  And just like their equipment will be ready for next season, so will mine!”

Followed by Dr. Betty giggle.

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